Chaos on a Murcia beach as a giant two-metre shark washes ashore

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shark mazarrón

The coastal town of Mazarrón in Murcia experienced a startling event when a two-metre shark was found dead on one of its beaches on Tuesday.

The appearance of the sizable shark caused fear among the locals who had come for a leisurely stroll along the beach. The creature measured 2.10 metres in length and weighed around 200 kilograms. 

The shark’s journey

Reported by La Opinión de Murcia, the shark was initially spotted in a disoriented state near La Azohía. Thereafter, it eventually ended up on Rihuete Beachin Mazarrón. After the shark reached the shore, it was laid out on the sand for measurement and examination. Consequently, the sight of the dead shark was a terrifying spectacle for the onlookers. The animal was lying there with its mouth open revealing large teeth and surrounded by blood, as evidenced by the images shared by La Voz de Mazarrón.


Hours after its discovery, the gigantic creature was removed from the coast and transported to the Wildlife Recovery Center El Valle. An autopsy is scheduled to be performed to determine the cause of death of the shark. This procedure is a standard protocol in such situations. Herewith, experts can understand better why the shark ended up on the beach and whether its death was due to natural causes or other factors.

Safety measures

The incident has stirred significant attention among the residents of Mazarrón and visitors to the beach. The appearance of sharks along the coast is not unheard of. However, a shark of this size is a rare occurrence and has prompted discussions about marine life and beach safety. Local authorities have reassured the public that this is an isolated incident. Nevertheless, they remain vigilant to ensure the safety and well-being of beachgoers.

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