By train from Malaga to Seville in one hour

by Lorraine Williamson
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SEVILLA – The government of Andalucia has started a study into the financing options for a direct AVE line between Seville and Malaga. This would connect the two main Andalucian cities in less than an hour. 

This was announced by the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, on Wednesday. The Andalucian government is ready to commit its resources, with the cooperation of other administrations, to realise this “dream” of a high-speed connection between the two cities. However, the regional government has not yet shared this dream about an AVE connection Seville-Malaga with the Madrid central government. Moreno added this during a forum organised by the Spanish newspaper ABC. 

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Enormous benefits

The president of Andalucia has indicated that some of the platforms have already been created. He also emphasised the “economic impact” this would have for both cities and the rest of Andalucia. The largest internal circulation in the southern Spanish region already takes place between the two cities. 

Seville and Malaga account for nearly 45% of Andalucia’s GDP and are “two major and hugely complementary economic engines”. Therefore, it is necessary to address their connectivity “in a flexible way”, Moreno added. 

The possibility of a direct AVE connection between Seville and Malaga would be comparable to “an airlift” and would represent “a boost that would bring enormous benefits” to the community, the Andalucian president said. 

Moreno also defended the need for all of Andalucia, from Almería to Huelva, to be connected by domestic rail lines, as the region has a major “deficit” in this area. 

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