Busiest holiday exodus in August after pandemic in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
August holidays
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It is busy on Spanish roads. This weekend, many holidaymakers left for their holiday destination. The Spanish traffic service DGT expects heavy traffic on a number of roads during the holidays this August, and has taken measures. 

It is called the August of revenge’: the most touristic August after the pandemic, despite the price increases of recent times, many holidays continue as usual. 

The second ‘Operation Departure’ of this summer will start with all eyes on the Spanish roads, as approximately 6.9 million journeys are expected, according to the Spanish traffic service DGT. The operation, which was organised in view of the increase in the number of journeys and the high volume of traffic, began last Friday at 3.00 pm and lasted until Sunday 31 July at midnight.  

Which measures will be taken? 

‘Traffic control and management measures will be taken and aerial and road surveillance will be in place to ensure compliance with traffic and road safety regulations,’ DGT reported in a statement.  

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During the entire month of August, 49 million journeys are expected to be made. Therefore, among other things, reversing lanes and additional lanes will be constructed. Furthermore, work on certain roads will be halted during the days of operation, the movement of dangerous goods and transport vehicles will be restricted on roads with heavy traffic, and alternative routes will be established and the 2,200 signs scattered around the country will be provided with up-to-date signage. 

Where are the crowds expected to be? 

This is the list drawn up by DGT of the roads with the highest traffic density during this exit operation in the different Autonomous Communities:  

  • Andalucía: AP-4, AP-7, AP-46, A-7, A-44, A-45, A-49, A-66, A-92, A-92M, A-357 and MA-20.  
  • Aragon: AP-2, AP-68, A-2 and A-63.  
  • Asturias: AP-66, A-8. A-66 and N-634.  
  • Cantabria: A-8, A-67, S-10 and S-30.  
  • Castilla – La Mancha: AP-36, A-3, A-4, A-5, A-30, A-31, A-40, A-41 and A-42.  
  • Castilla y León: AP-1, AP-6, A-6, A-52, A-62, A-66, A-67 and N-630.  
  • Valencia: AP-7, A-3, A-7, A-31 and N-332.  
  • Madrid: AP-6, A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4, A-5, A-6 and M-40.  
  • Extremadura: A-5 and A-66.  
  • Galicia: AP-9, A-6, A-8, A-55 and N-550.  
  • Balearic Islands: Ma-1, Ma-13, Ma-19 and Ma-20.  
  • Murcia: AP-7, A-7, A-30, RM-12 and RM-19.  
  • Navarra: AP-15, A-1, A-10, A-12, A-15 and A-21.  
  • La Rioja: AP-68, A-12, N-111 and N-232.

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