British tourists cause massive brawl with injuries on beach in Mallorca

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brawl on beach

A significant altercation occurred on Wednesday evening on Illetes Beach in Calvià, Mallorca, involving a large group of intoxicated British tourists. The brawl resulted in injuries to a restaurant waiter and two local police officers, leading to the arrest of eight alleged aggressors.

The incident began on Wednesday around 7.30 pm when the group started throwing beer cans and other litter into the sea, disturbing other beachgoers. The Brits were reportedly celebrating a stag party. A waiter from a nearby restaurant confronted them, asking them to stop their disruptive behaviour. In response, the tourists turned violent, attacking the waiter with severe blows.

Police intervention

Several colleagues of the assaulted waiter and two off-duty Guardia Civil officers were the first to step in. Soon after, six local police patrols and one Guardia Civil unit arrived at the scene. Despite the presence of law enforcement, the tourists continued their aggressive behaviour, violently resisting the officers.

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Arrests and injuries

The confrontation resulted in the arrest of eight British tourists, who spent the night in the Calvià local police detention centre. Three of the detainees were later transferred to the Guardia Civil, with the rest expected to follow. The injured waiter was taken to a medical centre after losing consciousness from a head injury, and the two injured police officers are undergoing medical evaluation. So far, seven formal complaints have been filed against the group involved in the violence.

Mallorca’s ongoing issues with drunken tourism

This incident highlights ongoing issues with drunken tourism in Mallorca, particularly in popular areas like Magaluf and Playa de Palma. Local authorities have implemented stricter regulations to curb excessive behaviour. This includes closing down establishments and imposing fines for violations. 

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