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“La Hoja de Ruta Fiscal y Financiera para los españoles en EE.UU” is the name of the new book written in Spanish by financial planner Peter Dougherty. Its English translation is: ‘The Fiscal and Financial Roadmap for Spaniards in the United States’. The book explains the many ways that financial institutions, rules, and taxes in Spain and the United States differ. 

As Dougherty states, “I realised there had been no guidebook that compares the tax and finance challenges in the US with their equivalents in Spain. That’s very surprising because more than 167,000 Spaniards live in the United States. In fact, the US has the fourth largest concentration of Spaniards of any country outside of Spain. So, I sat down and wrote a book to explain the complexities of US finance from both the vantage point as well as the language of a Spaniard.” 

Solid financial advice

Dougherty draws on two primary sources for the book’s unique insights. First, his experience assisting Americans in Spain at BISSAN Wealth Management, a boutique financial planning firm. Secondly, his twenty-year career working on Wall Street working for investment banks First Boston, Lehman Brothers, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The interesting result may give rise to a joke one day: “What do you get when you cross Main Street with Wall Street with Spaniards in the U.S.?” Until the day a clever response for that joke arrives, Spanish readers will find “La Hoja de Ruta” to be a breeze to read that still provides solid financial advice.

First book

The author wrote his first book, The Dougherty Code: Secrets of Financial Planning in Spain Revealed”, in English. It provided Americans in Spain with their first glimpse into the financial advisory world of Spain. In answer to requests from Spaniards that he write the same type of guidebook for their journey in the American finance world, he decided to write “La Hoja de Ruta”. Readers will be glad he did.

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Peter Dougherty

Peter Dougherty holds a Certificate in Financial Planning from Northwestern University in Chicago and an MBA from Columbia Business School in New York.  He is a European Financial Planner (EFP) in Spain and an Investment Adviser Representative in North America.

BISSAN Wealth Management is an independent financial advisory company in Spain. The company is authorised and supervised by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).  Furthermore, it has offices in both Barcelona and Bilbao.


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