British tourism in Benidorm back to pre-pandemic level

by Lorraine Williamson
British tourism in Benidorm

 BENIDORM – Benidorm is approaching Easter with “good prospects”. Spain is considered a safe destination again after two years of the corona pandemic. In addition, the popular Costa Blanca coastal town of Benidorm is once again attracting British tourism once again. 

The hotel organisation Hosbec assures that the war in Ukraine does not seem to affect hotel reservations in general. Furthermore, British tourists are travelling to Benidorm as usual and as before the pandemic. 

Tuesday’s data from Hosbec shows that in the last week of March, international tourism (55.6%) already outnumbered national tourism. In that tally, the UK market is once again at the same strength as it was before the pandemic. 

British tourist is the market leader 

Moreover, in the international market, the British tourist continues to consolidate as a leader (44.6%). This is followed by the Belgian and Dutch markets with 2.7% and 2.5% respectively. For the hotel management, these figures indicate that hotel tourism in Benidorm has returned to normal. 

Brits surpass Spanish tourists in market share again 

For the first time since March 2020, the British have again surpassed Spanish tourists in market share, Hosbec assures in the newspaper La Vanguardia. “This confirms the good forecasts of the sector since it was hit by the sixth wave of the pandemic,” said a Hosbec spokesperson. 

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Practically all hotels open again 

Not since March 2020 have this many hotels been open. Practically all hotels in the Valencia region and Costa Blanca are open again. For Benidorm and Castellón a percentage of 90% applies. 

Preferred destinations nearby 

According to Hosbec, these are good figures in the context of the war in Europe. The organisation confirms that “at the moment the war in Ukraine is not negatively affecting hotel reservations”. An additional effect is that the war is “causing another postponement of holidays outside the country and many consumers are once again choosing nearby destinations for their next vacation”. 

Trust in good Semana Santa 

The tourism sector expects more clarity about the precise figures next Friday. Furthermore, many customers have booked their Easter holidays at the last minute. It will be a “Semana Santa with good prospects, which could turn out all right if the weather cooperates with dry and sunny weather with temperatures that are normal for mid-April.” 

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