Benalmádena installs 116 shelters for stray cats

by Lorraine Williamson
cat shelter

BENALMÁDENA – 116 shelters for stray cats have been installed in Benalmádena. The municipality implemented the measure in collaboration with a local animal welfare organisation that is responsible for managing the cat colonies in the city. 

Animal welfare organisation GAB made the proposal to the municipality to install 116 shelters for feral cats at various points in the city. The entire project cost €32,000 euros. 

Pablo Centella, the alderman for Citizen Participation, praised the work of the GAB, which has been taking care of the city’s feral cat colonies for years. Lucía López, president of GAB, stated that the organisation monitors sterilises and registers all stray cats in collaboration with the Department of Public Health. According to López, “Benalmádena is the most progressive municipality in the province of Malaga in this area”, she said in a press announcement. 

She added that the purpose of the shelters “is not to provide people with a place to leave their cats, but to provide shelter for stray animals”. 

Three shelters stolen 

Unfortunately, three cat shelters were stolen soon after installation. However, one of them has been recovered thanks to the intervention of the local police of Benalmádena and Torremolinos. They responded to a call from a citizen who had recognised one of the shelters in a pet shop in Torremolinos. The police have filed a complaint with the court to investigate the theft. 

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