Back to amber for the Brits in the Balearic Islands

by Lorraine Williamson
Balearics back to amber

BALLEARIC ISLANDS – Holiday makers received news of the UK government´s announcement yesterday that from 4am on Monday July 19, the Balearics would revert back to amber. This comes after just over two weeks of being on the green list.

However, double vaccinated Brits will not require to quarantine. Although this does mean younger tourists who have not yet received the double jab will. As this comes into effect from Monday at 4am, it means those already on holiday may have to return home early or face self isolation.

Rising number of corona cases

The decision, based on rising numbers of cases on the islands, has caused anger and upset within the tourism sector. Once more it is expected to cause travel chaos for some holiday makers seeking to reach their holiday destination.  And for those facing additional costs by having to book flights home.

Bars and restaurants and other businesses feel deflated

It has also caused the previous high levels of optimism and confidence from businesses on the islands to evaporate.

Thousands of UK nationals are currently holidaying on the Balearic since they were placed on the green list. Many of those are aged under 30, meaning they will be not yet have received the two jabs.

However, given that double vaccinated UK residents can travel to and from the Islands without quarantine, should lessen the impact.

The majority of tourists will most likely have received double jabs or have young families who do not require to be vaccinated. Although at this time of year, a massive number of tourists are within the younger age categories.

Ballearics were always on the watch list

The sudden change of colour and restrictions seems harsh on the public when they have spent hard earned cash desperate for a break in the sun, then suddenly must find another fight to return home early.

Cogesa Expats

However, at the time the Balearics were placed on the green list, the UK government did make it clear that it was still on their watchlist. This meant the status could change at any time. Since the Islands were rated green, the incidence number has increased dramatically.

The cumulative incidence rate was over 400 per 100,000 inhabitants on Wednesday. This is partly due to the recent mass outbreak among students.

Negative impact

The decision could, further impact the negative effect on the image of the Balearics and the rest of Spain as a safe destination. France and Germany have already recently advised against travel to Spain given the increase in infections.

The Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps confirmed double-jabbed travellers could return to the UK from amber countries without quarantining.

He wrote a series of tweets

“We’re also moving the Balearic Islands & British Virgin Islands to the amber list – previously on the green watchlist. Also, from 19/07 if you are fully Vaccinated in the UK you can return to England from amber countries and territories without needing to quarantine.

Scotland and Wales have also agreed to this; however, confirmation is expected but still outstanding from Northern Ireland as I write.

Please check latest travel advice before you travel as information may change at any time


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