Autumn arrived in Spain with DANA and storm

by Lorraine Williamson
autumn in Spain

Autumn is also getting a lot closer in Spain. After a long and sweltering summer, heavy rainfall and storms are forecast from Thursday. Temperatures are dropping in the Mediterranean and rainfall is also partly offsetting thecalima‘ in southern Spain. 

On Wednesday, the Spanish weather service Aemet released the forecast. The Aemet expects storms and heavy rainfall for Thursday and Friday. A DANA, an isolated depression in the upper air layers, is currently located between the Balearic Islands and Algeria. It will rain heavily on the Balearic Islands on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, thanks to the supply of cold air, temperatures towards the weekend will also be a lot lower than normal for the time of year. 

Rain will move towards northeast Spain after Friday 

From Friday and Saturday, the rain will not be limited to the Balearic Islands. It will also move towards the northeast of Spain. As a result, quite a bit of rain is also forecast over the weekend in Catalonia and the other northern regions of Spain. 

This DANA will help clear the air to some extent. The south of Spain in particular had to deal with the well-known ‘calima’ in recent days. This is the presence of Sahara sand, which makes the air quite dusty and ‘mud rain’ occurs during precipitation. 

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Spanish weather service issues weather alerts in connection with heavy rain 

Due to the DANA crossing the Balearic Islands and northeastern Spain, Aemet issued code yellow and orange for the regions of Murcia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands on Thursday and Friday. This is due to heavy rainfall and storms. 

Despite a temporary drop in temperature in the Balearic Islands, it is still 1.5 to 3 degrees warmer than normal in the Mediterranean. This phenomenon ensures that the strength of the storm is increased because higher temperatures lead to more water vapor. 

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