August 14 hottest day in Spain since 1941

by Lorraine Williamson
record-breaking temperatures in Spain

WEATHER – The heatwave in Spain has seen some record-breaking temperatures in recent days. August 13 and 14 are now in the top 3 of the hottest days since 1941. However, the heatwave is coming to an end but its effectssuch as dry storms in Valencia, are still noticeable in Spain. 

The heatwave, which officially began on August 11, set multiple records at numerous weather stations at Spain’s Aemet. At more than a hundred measuring points in Spain, mainly in the Mediterranean, central and southern Spain, the temperature did not fall below 30 degrees at night. 

Record-breaking temperatures in Spain 

The records were not only broken overnight. During the day, the temperature in the past few days even exceeded 40 degrees at about 230 measuring points. On Friday the 13th, several records were set with more than 45 degrees in about twelve places in Spain. On Saturday, August 14, this was even the case at 26 weather stations in Spain. August 14 will go down in the books as the second hottest day in Spain since 1941. August 13 turns out to be the third warmest day since this year. 

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In recent days, Spain also broke the old heat record from 2017. In Córdoba, it reached no less than 47.2 degrees last Saturday. 

Valencia is struggling with dry storms 

These temperatures are not without consequences. The Aemet warned of local “thermal explosions” such as dry storms in some areas over the weekend. These storms without precipitation occur with an extreme change in temperature. The dry storms have been concentrated in the province of Castellón in recent days but have expanded to the south of Valencia and the north of Alicante. In Gandia, it caused bizarre images. 

How long will the heatwave in Spain last? 

Officially, the heatwave on the Spanish mainland and the Balearic Islands will be over on August 16. There are therefore no longer any warnings for high temperatures from the Aemet. Despite this, temperatures in Andalusia and southeastern Spain remain high and will slowly drop from today. On the Canary Islands, the heatwave will continue until August 18, where code red has been issued on Gran Canaria, La Palma, and Tenerife because of the heat. 

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