Atypical revival of flu cases in Spain after Covid-19

by Lorraine Williamson
flu in Spain

The presence of the coronavirus has been banned by the flu in Spain in recent weeks. This is confirmed by researchers from the Carlos III Health Institute. What is special is that these influenza viruses only show themselves when the number of corona cases decreases. 

The corona pandemic has dominated the news for more than two years. However, that does not mean that all existing viruses have just disappeared. In fact, last year the RS virus emerged among many young children. What is special is that this happened in June, while this virus normally shows itself in the winter months. When the number of corona cases decreased sharply, both in the summer of 2021 and at the moment, other viruses seemed to seize their chance. 

Clear flu wave in Spain, but lower than in years before the pandemic 

The Spanish Health Institute, together with the National Centre for Epidemiology, is monitoring all reports of respiratory infections. This includes the RS virus, Covid-19, and various influenza variants. From March 21 to 27, the number of reports of influenza cases rose to 614 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Most reports were received among children between the ages of 5 and 14. However, despite being a flu wave, its peak is lower than in pre-pandemic years. 

Reports from the Carlos III Health Institute show flu cases skyrocketed to 36.8% in early March. This compares to 5.3% of people who tested positive for Covid-19. 

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Crowds in Spanish hospitals under control despite flu wave 

Although there has been a significant increase in the number of flu and RS cases, the crowds in hospitals in Spain hardly seem to increase. However, general practitioners and pediatricians, in particular, have seen more patients in recent weeks who suffer from symptoms such as fever, cough, and diarrhoea, all symptoms that can be attributed to various types of viruses or inflammations in the respiratory tract. 

Why does the flu come in the spring? 

Consulted epidemiologists and doctors can’t really give a single clear explanation for this phenomenon. It is clear that when the number of corona cases was still above average in Spain, and there were stricter (hygienic) measures against the transmission of the virus, it was clear that the virus had much less chance of being transmitted from one person to another. on the other. 

Doctors indicate that there is probably not one decisive reason for the fact that one virus only shows up when the other slowly decreases. “It is likely that there are several causes,” said a pediatrician from Madrid. 

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