Animals on La Palma surrounded by lava flows

by Lorraine Williamson
animals being fed by drones -

LA PALMA – Where people can often save themselves since the volcanic eruptionmany animals remain behind. Wild, livestock, and sometimes even pets are left to their own devices on La Palma and are surrounded by lava. Drones are being used to keep them alive. 

Since the Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted on La Palma almost a month ago, thousands of people have had to leave their homes. More than 1,200 houses and buildings have now been completely destroyed. 

People flee, animals stay behind on La Palma 

Due to the haste involved in some evacuations, animals are in some cases forgotten. This is especially true for the wild animals that live in different places on La Palma, but also for livestock and sometimes even pets. 

This is the case at the mountain of Todoque where many wild animals have been unable to move for days. Their habitat is enclosed by lava flows and there is as yet no possibility for them to leave this area in search of another shelter or fresh food. 

Companies help animals with drones 

Several companies on La Palma, including Ticom Soluciones and Volcanic Life, have helped these animals survive with the help of drones over the past five days. This applies to a few greyhounds left behind by their owners, but also to dozens of wild horses. These companies succeeded in supplying water and food with the help of drones. The president of the animal rights organisation thanks the companies for helping to keep these animals alive, wrote on Monday. 

Pet rescue in preparation 

Not only wild animals are helped in this way with the main basic needs. A rescue was also prepared earlier this week for a pet trapped in a pond or pool surrounded by lava. With drones, a cat or small dog was seen left alone with no way out. 

Vets give nutritional advice 

In many cases, drones can deliver water and feed to those that are trapped, but rescues are still too dangerous for the time being. The risk that the animals will not get away safely is still too great, reports the UME military unit on La Palma. When the situation allows, the companies will continue to send drones with water and food. Local vets provide support in which food to give to the animals in question. 

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