Andalucia, the favourite summer destination in Spain for 2021?

by Lorraine Williamson
favourite summer destination

ANDALUCIA – Andalucia has been the country’s top favourite for weeks when it comes to last-minute trips to Spain. Travel platform TravelgateX presented the statistics of holiday bookings for the Spanish regions. But will Andalucia indeed be the absolute favourite summer destination of 2021? 

Andalucia indeed seems to be going for the win as a holiday destination this summer. So writes the Spanish news site this Tuesday. For the umpteenth week in a row, the region in the south of Spain registers the highest number of bookings. With that, Andalucia is on track to become the winning tourist destination for the summer of 2021. 

AVVA association endorses Andalucia’s popularity 

The director of the Association of Tourist Accommodations of Andalucia AVVA confirms the popularity of the southern Spanish region. Last summer the tourist homes reached an occupancy rate of 57% and for this year the association expects to achieve 65%. Hotels, but also accommodations outside the city are preferred by tourists. 

The TravelgateX platform presents various charts about holiday bookings in Spain that were made via the platform of the same name. 

Favourite summer destination? 

The chart of market share by region in Spain shows that the most bookings were made for Andalucia in the past week, from August 9-15. Andalucia was the destination of 24.41% of the number of bookings. The Balearic Islands and Catalonia are in second and third place with 15.84 and 15.83% respectively. 

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Comparison of bookings to summer 2020 

The second week of August was compared with the same week in 2020. This shows that 52% more bookings were made to Andalucia. Other regions also register more bookings than last year: Balearic Islands (+106%), Catalonia (+117%), Canary Islands (+98%) Valencia (+105%), and Madrid (+218%). 

Most travelers to Spain opt for last-minute 

One of the graphs shows that most people (23.7% of bookers) leave 15 to 30 days after booking. More than 93% of bookings take place within two months. This shows that most holidaymakers opt for a last-minute deal. 

Most travelers opt for a shorter trip. Trips between two and five days are the most common (nearly 55% of the total number of bookings). The other holidaymakers opt for day trips (18 percent) or week-long vacations (20%). Only 7% of travelers book a holiday longer than a week. 

Spaniards book most holidays in their own country 

Another chart shows the traveler’s nationality. This shows that the Spaniards still provide the largest number of bookings in their own country. More than 76% of the bookings for Spain are made by the Spaniards themselves. Nearly 9% of bookings are made by people from the UK. 

Figures from Hosbec and Exceltur also show that mainly the Spaniards often book last-minute holidays within Spain. 

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