Alleged gang rape on Malaga beach leads to 3 arrests

by Lorraine Williamson
Malaga beach

MÁLAGA – Police in Málaga arrested three men on Monday for sexually abusing a woman in Málaga’s Malagueta beach district. 

A witness reported to 091 that a woman was sexually assaulted in the La Malagueta zone, between the historic centre and the sea. Furthermore, the events took place from the night of Sunday to Monday. Then in the early hours of Monday, a call came in at the number 091 of the National Police. The witness warned that a woman was raped on Malagueta beach in Malaga. 

Caught in the act 

The officers arrived on the scene and surprised the three men at the time of their assault. Moreover, according to the National Police, the woman had already been raped by one of the three men. Furthermore, those men would have taken advantage of the fact that the woman was drunk. Therefore, thanks to the early reporting of the witness, this prevented the other two men from also assaulting the victim. 

Cogesa Expats

Police arrested the three men, ages 19, 30, and 31, for their alleged involvement in assault and robbery. With the arrest, a protocol for these kinds of cases was activated. 

According to the same sources, the woman has since filed a complaint. The police are investigating the facts to find out exactly what happened. Consequently, based on that, they will determine what the legal next steps should be. 

Alert Cops

If you are a witness to a potential crime, you can call 091, or use the Alert Cops app.


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