Alarming price differences between main Spanish supermarkets revealed

by Lorraine Williamson
supermarket price differences


MADRID – The consumer association Facua has published an alarming study about the price differences in three of the main supermarket chains in several Spanish cities. 

The results reveal that the same products can differ in price by up to 40% in different cities and chains. Consumers in Spain continue to feel the ongoing inflation in food prices in their wallets. While there is some hope thanks to a notable drop in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in June to 1.9%, inflation remains a concern. This is especially when compared to last summer’s alarming 10%. 

Alcampo, Carrefour and Mercadona 

Supermarket chains such as Alcampo, Carrefour and Mercadona have bombarded consumers in recent months with offers, discounts and permanent price reductions. But has shopping in the supermarket become cheaper? 

Large price differences depending on the city 

Facua has analysed 30 carefully selected products in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia and Bilbao. Significant price differences were found for 15 of the 30 products analysed depending on the city where the supermarket is located. These differences reached more than 15% variation between the highest and lowest price. 

Cogesa Expats

Surprising differences were, for example, one of 37% for a pack of 110 grams of dried ham from the Navidul brand between Madrid and Valencia. Similarly, a 1.25 litre bottle of Coca-Cola was found to be 37.9% more expensive in Barcelona compared to Valencia. 

Alcampo: Both the Cheapest and the Most Expensive 

Particularly striking was that the supermarket Alcampo had both the lowest and the highest prices for different products, depending on the city. Eight products with the lowest prices were found in Seville, while eight products with the highest prices were found in Bilbao. 

These findings emphasise the importance of paying attention to prices and comparing options across cities to make informed choices in everyday purchases. 

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