According to AEMET we are looking at a sharp increase in temperatures over the weekend

by Lorraine Williamson
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WEATHER – Temperatures will vary throughout the country but will reach their peak in most areas over the weekend according to AEMET.

In the north it will be cooler at around 20 degrees. However, as you go further south, this will increase to 39 in Cordoba and surrounding areas by late afternoon. Temperatures will not start to drop until around 9pm. And even then, they are still expected to be in the mid-30s.

Light rain in areas

Malaga will be slightly cooler on Friday, and with perhaps a little light rain in areas. Temperatures on Saturday will reach their peak. And on Sunday although there may be some cloud, the temperatures start to rise again. By Monday full sun and temperatures of 40 with lows of 25. We could even see some places inland reaching 45 degrees.

In Madrid from Friday, we see temperatures climbing from the mid-30s up to 40 on Sunday before returning to 32 on Monday.

In comparison, Benidorm looks to be consistent all week, with temperatures barely reaching above 30 but remaining mid 20s overnight.

Increase in the mercury

On Saturday, most of the country will see an increase in the mercury. In the far north it will be quite pleasant at around the mid-20s. However, the middle part of Spain will see mid-30s to mid-40s.

Sunday is expected to be even hotter! Thankfully, by Monday, temperatures will start to cool ever so slightly as the week goes on.

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Extreme temperatures

With such extreme temperatures, it is important to remember to take shade breaks and ensure your drink enough water. Also be aware of the fire risks at this time of year. Especially on a day, like today when it has been quite windy.

Tuesday could be slightly cloudy except in the extreme north of the peninsula, where slight rain is expected. Temperatures will drop in the eastern half of the peninsula and, sharply, in the Mediterranean area. But they will tend to recover in the west.

Trade winds

There are few changes expected in the Canary Islands. However, there is the probability that the maximums exceed 35 degrees in this archipelago. Trade winds are probable in the Canary Islands.

For Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, cloudy or clear skies are likely to dominate most areas. Cloudy skies are only expected in the extreme north of the peninsula, with a probability of weak rains in general in the Cantabrian Sea and some showers in the Pyrenees.

Back to normal

Temperatures will get back to normal for the time of year in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, with maximums that as of Thursday 15 would again exceed 35 degrees in the interior of the southern half of the peninsula and probably also in points of the northern plateau and the Ebro valley.

In the Canary Islands they are likely to remain unchanged. However, northeast winds are expected with some strong intervals in the Canary Islands and the Galician coast. From the east in the Cantabrian Sea and, with strong intervals, in the Strait. It is also probable that the first two days a north wind blows in the east of the Balearic Islands.

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