A summer holiday in Spain is expensive this year

by Lorraine Williamson
Catalan coast

MADRID – For people with an average income, this summer promises to be challenging when it comes to holidays. The prices for hotel stays and holiday apartments are skyrocketing. 

Recent data shows that hotel rooms cost an average of more than €105 per night and holiday apartments are rented for as much as €1,000 per week. In addition, the prices of everyday products have also risen sharply. Eating ice cream has become no less than 20.2% more expensive than last year, beer increased by 16.8% and soft drinks by 14.7%. 

Anyone who wants to book a holiday in Spain now will notice that prices are higher than a while ago. This is especially true for the months of July and August. In the middle of the high season, many places are no longer feasible for an average wallet. This is apart from the fact that many places are already fully booked. It makes this summer the most expensive ever. According to El Español, many families are forced to shorten their trips or even forego a holiday altogether. 

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Package tours 

In particular, the prices of package holidays and hotels have increased significantly. This year there is already an increase of 5.1%. Compared to last year, there is even an increase of 19.5% in prices, according to recent data from statistics bureau INE. 

Hotels, hostels, guesthouses 

Hotels, hostels, guest houses and similar accommodations have shown a price increase of no less than 23.1% this year. Consequently, the average price for a hotel stay in Spain is now €104.9. That is an increase of 8.8% compared to the same month last year. 

Holiday apartments 

The rates for holiday apartments are on average 6% – 8% higher. However, in areas of high demand, price increases could be even higher. This is especially true for popular destinations such as the Balearic Islands, the Comunidad Valenciana, the Catalan Coast and the Andalucian Coast. 

Despite the high prices, the demand for travel remains strong, and tourism continues to grow. The number of air travel bookings is also healthy, according to the CEO of IAG, the parent company of Iberia and British Airways. 

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Prices for food and drinks 

Rising prices are not only limited to accommodations but also affect the prices of food and drinks. Eating ice cream has become 20.2% more expensive than last year, and beer and soft drinks have increased by 16.8% and 14.7% respectively. Even water has become more expensive, with an increase of 11.7%. Consumers and hospitality businesses are facing higher costs for bottled water, especially in regions experiencing drought. 

Saving tips 

Travel experts stress that it’s wise to plan and book early, as prices are likely to rise further as summer approaches. Comparing prices and looking for special offers and discounts is also smart. 

In addition, alternative accommodations such as campgrounds or vacation homes can provide a more affordable alternative to hotels and holiday apartments, especially in popular tourist areas. 

It is also worth looking at lesser-known destinations or areas not yet discovered by mass tourism. In addition to being more affordable, those places often offer more authentic experiences. 

Furthermore, it is smart to plan well and draw up a budget for holiday expenses. Finally, it is important to remember that there are also plenty of affordable and free activities and attractions, such as hiking, biking, picnicking in the park, visiting local markets or enjoying the natural beauty of a destination. 

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