A night out in Madrid is always fun, even if you are a camel!

by Lorraine Williamson

MADRID – Friday night in downtown Madrid had some unusual revellers hanging around the street corners. However, it is not thought to have been a typical botellon. On this occasion, these party-goers had four legs, and lots of fur.

If you thought maybe you had too many glasses of Sangria and were seeing things, don´t worry! Eight camels and a llama took themselves off for a night on the town after escaping from a nearby circus.

The National Police posted on Twitter.

Circus in Madrid

Various camels and a llama escaped tonight from a circus in Madrid. Police located the fugitives. Thankfully there was no spitting or violence involved. They were guarded until they could be returned to safety.

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Safely caught

According to the Guardian newspaper, Mati Munoz, one of the circus’s managers, expressed relief that the furry fugitives – Bactrian camels that have two humps and thick, shaggy coats – had been safely caught.

Possible sabotage

“Nothing happened, thank God,” he said, saying the circus had filed a complaint after discovering that the electric fence around the animals’ enclosure had been cut. “We think [their escape] was due to an act of sabotage by animal rights groups who protest every year.”

Thankfully all animals are safe again as anything could have happened when they were on the loose.

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