75% of Spaniards will holiday in Spain this year

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Majority of Spaniards to book holiday in Spain

A survey by car company Sixt shows 75% of Spaniards want to spend their holiday in Spain. 25% prefer to spend their holiday abroad. 82% of those surveyed think travel will be possible again in the summer of 2021.

July and August are traditionally the months when Spaniards go on holiday and 84% of those surveyed would stick to those months. Only 16% would go on holiday from September.

Optimism leads to early reservations

The optimistic outlook on the course of the pandemic and progress in the vaccination process seem to be encouraging Spaniards to book early. Figures from early April show Spaniards, with 32% of total bookings, made the most reservations for a summer holiday in Spain. This was followed by the Dutch (22%), Belgians (14%), French (10%) and Germans (8%).

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Beach holiday in Spain popular

61% of those asked said they wanted to spend this summer by the sea to enjoy the sun and beach. Taking a ‘road trip’, is in second place with 22%. A holiday in the countryside is a good option for 11% of respondents. The city trip is less popular: only 3% want to use their free days to visit cities.

Preferred means of transport

Most Spaniards (72%) prefer to go on holiday by car. Meanwhile, 23% prefer to go by plane, for example to the beaches of the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands or possibly to foreign destinations. Motorhomes are especially popular lately. Motorbikes and pleasure yachts are not so popular.

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