36 people could die on the roads during Holy week

by Lorraine Williamson
36 people could die

MADRID – With Semana Santa approaching, many people have finished work for the Holy Week and may be travelling. Based on various algorithms and mathematical models, there is a prediction that 36 people will die on the roads.

The DGT has therefore launched a campaign to prove the data wrong and help to prevent deaths through awareness. If the data is correct, then someone you know, or love could be involved in an accident. It is estimated that from today (April 8) until April 18, 14.6 million long-distance trips are expected.

“Let´s make Big Data wrong”

“Let´s make Big Data wrong” is the campaign slogan of the DGT. For the last two years, movement during this period has been restricted due to corona measures. Therefore, it is anticipated the traffic will almost reach the levels of 2019 for the holiday period.

Cogesa Expats

36 people could die

DGT reports that according to the data analysts, they calculate there will be 36 people who will die this holiday. Although the profile they have created suggests they are all different, the algorithms have predicted everything about the potential victims. This includes their age, the ratio of men to women or children, where an accident may take place, what time, what type of accident, and what type of vehicle(s) will be involved.

Behind each statistic is a person

According to Pere Navarro, director of the DGT “when they tell you that 36 people are going to die this holiday on the road, you never think that it will be you or someone in your family, but behind each statistic, there are names and surnames, parents, boyfriends, friends, grandchildren… a true drama that is difficult to overcome; therefore this Easter and always, let us comply with the rules to make Big Data wrong ”.

A commercial has been produced for television and will be aired until April 19. In the video, the predictions of the algorithms are simulated by ghostly figures.

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