Young white rhino Amy moves to Valencia

by Lorraine Williamson
Amy the rhino

VALENCIA – The Bioparc Valencia Zoo has ‘adopted’ a young white rhino named Amy as part of a major international project aimed at preventing the extinction of this imposing species. 

With nearly 10,000 rhinos lost to poaching in the past decade, the pressure to save these majestic animals is greater than ever. 

About Amy the rhino and her journey 

Amy, who has just turned five, is originally from Kolmården Wildlife Park in Sweden. She arrived in Valencia after a complex two-day journey of 3,000 kilometres with specialised transport. Moreover, weighing 1,300 kg, this was no small task. Therefore, upon arrival, the specialised animal welfare team immediately began a care protocol. 

Interestingly, for this species, a slower but safer procedure is used to guide her to her indoor enclosure. She slowly walks backward instead of forward to avoid being startled and attack. 

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Integration into the park and the future 

In the coming period, Amy will be slowly introduced to the current residents of the park. These are the male Cirilo and the female Nombula. Amy’s well-being is paramount, and it is still unclear how long the acclimatisation period will last. 

An exceptional environment 

Bioparc Valencia offers an exceptional setting where visitors can appreciate the size of the rhino. In the part that simulates the savannah, she shares her space with Hartmann’s zebras, ostriches, marabou storks, pelicans, and sacred ibises. 

This remarkable acquisition is part of the wider ‘ex-situ’ conservation strategies being implemented under the guidance of the EEP (European Breeding Program for Endangered Species). The initiative aims to contribute to the survival of the rhino through controlled breeding programs and other methods. This includes preventive horn amputation. 

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