Woman arrested for unauthorised aesthetic treatments from home

by Lorraine Williamson
unqualified aesthetic treatments


LA CALA DE MIJAS- The Guardia Civil, in an operation codenamed “Botu,” has apprehended a woman for conducting aesthetic treatments at her Malaga residence without the necessary qualifications.

The investigation was launched following five complaints received from individuals. They claimed to have received aesthetic treatments at a private residence located in La Cala de Mijas, Malaga. These treatments included injections of botox and hyaluronic acid, among other medications. Furthermore, the treatments resulted in various injuries, leading the recipients to seek medical attention in different hospitals across the province of Málaga.

No medical credentials

Investigators confirmed that the alleged practitioner lacked the required medical credentials. Additionally, she was not registered with the medical association. Both are mandatory prerequisites for conducting such treatments and for procuring the medications administered.

During the search of her residence, police seized the following;

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  • 3,400 units of botox
  • a kilogram of hyaluronic acid
  • assorted vials containing injectable medications
  • a multitude of medical instruments such as hypodermic needles and syringes

Additionally, a substantial amount of documentation was confiscated. The files seemingly indicated that there might be over 100 individuals who could have been affected by aesthetic treatments administered by the arrested woman.

Health and safety violations

The medications were stored without even the most basic hygienic and sanitary conditions. They were kept in the refrigerator of her kitchen alongside food items. Furthermore, an ongoing investigation aims to determine if the detainee had been purchasing medications online from other countries and whether these products met the required health standards.

The woman has been arrested on charges of unauthorised practice, causing injuries, and offenses against public health.

This investigation was conducted by personnel from the Málaga Command of the Guardia Civil.

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