What holiday does Spain celebrate on August 15?

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MADRID – Many Spaniards are free in August. However, there is still a national holiday this month. That is Tuesday, August 15. Many shops, businesses and some catering establishments are closed.

Because the holiday is on a Tuesday, people who are still working stick the Monday to it to arrange a long weekend. In Spain, such a long weekend is called a ‘puente’ (a bridge). In this case it concerns the ‘Puente de Agosto’ or the ‘Puente de la Asunción’. Normally it means that extra many people go out, or return home from their long weekend away. Keep this in mind if you plan to drive.

Assumption of the Virgin Mary

On August 15, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is celebrated with masses in churches across the country. The feast of the Assumption of the Virgin was established in 1950 by Pope Pius XII. In this way, every 15 August since then, the Immaculate Virgin has been commemorated from all original guilt. Therefore, as the oral tradition of the Catholic Church shows, in the last days of her life the Virgin Mary was taken up body and soul into heavenly glory.

According to the Roman Missal, the Virgin Mary, by her ascension into heaven, is a symbol of comfort and a sure sign of hope for the Church here on earth, which is still on its journey. Mary’s ascension into heaven shows what will later happen to all people: the resurrection of the body at the end of time, during the Last Judgment. This feast, which commemorates the deaths of other saints, is considered the most important feast dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Flower offerings

The date of August 15 is a national holiday in many Catholic countries, and special masses and processions are often held in honour of Mary. In some regions, the celebrations are accompanied by local traditions and folklore, such as music, dance and feasting.

Cogesa Expats

In Spain, this day is celebrated so extensively because the Virgen de la Asunción is the patron saint of many cities and towns. That is why the celebration often coincides with the village and town festivals or ferias.

It is also tradition in Spain that flowers are offered to the Virgin of the Assumption every August 15. Furthermore, there are even some cities such as Seville, where the image of the Virgin Mary is brought out in procession. There it is the ‘costaleros’ who take the Virgen de los Reyes from the cathedral at 8 o’clock in the morning.

In addition, in Madrid, the August 15 celebration coincides with the end of the Fiestas de la Paloma celebrations that usually begin on August 10 each year.


Because it is high season, many supermarkets in tourist areas along the coast will be open on Tuesdays. Especially those shops that are open on Sunday during this period will also be open on Tuesday 15 August. In smaller towns or cities or in the suburbs, it is more likely that you will not be able to do your shopping. Mercadona branches are closed. When in doubt, check the website of your favourite supermarket. Furthermore, you can search for the relevant branch on Google maps and see what the opening hours are there.


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