Watch out for an email and SMS bank scam

by Lorraine Williamson

If you receive an email or an SMS that seems to be from your bank. Be cautious. There are lots of scams around impersonating many different well known organsations.

One such scam going around at the moment, is pretending to be an SMS message or email from Santander.

Update your documents

The message looks official enough, and uses wording to make it sound genuine. In the email, it advises you that they have to update your documents. This is supposedly to comply with Law 06/2020 on the prevention of money laundering. To make it easy for you, they tell you it will only take a few minutes.

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The message then uses urgency to force you to act without thinking. It tells you the Customer Knowledge Form is already updated. Therefore it says it is important that YOU update your details within 24 hours.

Cogesa Expats

It continues to advise that until your do this, your operations on the web and in the app will be limited to consultations only. It says you can continue operating by phone, but your bank account will not be able to accept any new income until the information is updated.

Do NOT click on the link – it´s a scam

It will then ask you to click on the red link box to update your documents.

Then email ends by stating. “Check all your details and movements in the Santander App or in your Online Banking. Thank you for remaining confident in us”.


Advice from Policia Nacional

The Policia Nacional Tweeted, “Your bank will never notify you of a problem in your account or card through and email or SMS. Is something like this comes to you, be suspicious as it is a scam.

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