Valencia is giving away €50 in vouchers to spend in local shops and markets

by Lorraine Williamson
Valencia vouchers

VALENCIA – The municipality of Valencia has reserved €1.6 million from regional government funds to distribute to residents. They can each spend the vouchers in shops and markets in Valencia. This ‘Bono Comercio’ supports citizens and retail trade in the city. 

A total of 27,800 vouchers will be issued in Valencia with discounts for shops and markets. A total of 982 shops and municipal market stalls in Valencia willparticipate. Since midnight from Sunday to Monday, the voucher can be ordered on the website 

Last year’s budget doubled 

After the success of the 2021 campaign, when the vouchers ran out within hours, the municipality has almost doubled the budget this year to €1.6 million to distribute almost 30,000 vouchers. The card costs €50 but has a value of €100. In addition to the validity date, the website also contains a list of participating companies. Furthermore, a voucher can be purchased for each ID. 

Ultimately, €3 million will be spent on the local trade in this way. According to the municipality, the action will also help small businesses that are struggling with the energy crisis and inflation. 

Cogesa Expats

The promotion will run until November 30 and is also supported by the Association of Retailers in the Historic Centre of the city. They believe that it is precisely in “this energy and inflation crisis that it is an important campaign to encourage.” With the holidays and Black Friday in sight, it will help the industry stay afloat. The goal is for people to do Christmas shopping anyway. 

Markets join for the first time 

This year, the markets are participating in the initiative for the first time. Cristina Oliete, general secretary of Confermercats, encourages all residents of the city to buy the voucher. Stalls are participating in almost every market. 

Do you live in Valencia? Then you can request the Bono Comercio here. 

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