Update tobacco prices Spain: these brands go up in price

by Lorraine Williamson
price of tobacco

The Official State Gazette BOE had updated the price of tobacco in Spain. Well-known brands have seen their cost modified again starting from the last weekend of May. Among them are cigarillos, cigarettes or pipe tobacco.

The Official State Gazette (BOE) published last Saturday a new list of sales prices (RRP) for the different brands and tobacco products in Spain. In this way, and according to the Resolution of May 26, of the Presidency of the Commissioner for the Tobacco Market, they disseminate the new tobacco prices that must be applied as of Saturday, May 27, 2023, in accordance with the provisions of Law 13/1998. 

According to the official publication, these new prices will begin to be applied to all tobacconists from Saturday both on the Spanish mainland and on the Balearic Islands. In Ceuta and Melilla several tobacco brands have modified the prices of their products, including cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos and pipe tobacco. This applies to both packs, units or containers and affects many different brands. 

Furthermore, this is not the last rise that will affect tobacco. The usual thing is that every few weeks there are reviews by the State. Over the last few months, prices have been updated for popular brands such as Nobel, Ducados, Fortuna, Philip Morris and Marlboro. 

Most affected brands 

Among the brands that have seen their price most affected are Vegafina and Ashton Paradiso. To this, add brands such as Fortuna, Ducados and Nobel. Furthermore, other brands such as Marlboro, L&M, Philip Morris and Chesterfield also saw their prices affected in previous publications in the BOE. 

New tobacco prices from May 28 

Peninsula and the Balearic Islands 

The following retail prices (RRP) are the prices that must be marked by tobacconists for cigarettes, cigars and rolling tobacco on May 27 in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. 


Allure Glacier (40) – €8.20

King Red (25) – €5.10

Maddox2 Silver (20) – €3.95

Cigars and cigarillos: 

Ashton, Paradiso Quintessence Robusto (24) – €10.95 

Ashton Paradiso, Classic Robust (22) – €9.95 

Ashton Paradiso, Papagayo XXL Giant Bull (21) – €11.50

Ashton Paradiso, Revelation Leviathan Giant (24) – €12.40 

Ashton Paradiso, Revelation Odyssey Giant Bull (24) – €11.50

Ashton Paradiso, Revelation Prophet Robust (24) – €10.50 euros

Avo Seasons Summer Le 2023 (10) – €19.00

Cogesa Expats

Canaritos Box of 25 Cellophane Brevas (25) – €0.50

Canaritos Misses Mazo (25) – €0.40

My Father Flower of the Antilles X Anniversary 6 1/2 × 52 (12) – €60.00

Vegafina 1998 25th Anniversary Cum Laude Limited Edition (25) – €10.00

Ashton Paradiso 60-Ring Assortment (6-pack) – €70.00

Rolling tobacco: 

Camel Liar or Tube 470G (470 g) – €95.00


Neo Golden Tobacco (20). 3.50 euro 

Pipe tobacco:

Dozaj Black Booster (50g) – €3.95 

Dozaj Black Suka (50g) – €3.95 

Dozaj Buf (50 g) – €3.30 

Dozaj Bumbum (50g) – €3.30 

Nuso Brown (20) – €3.00 

Nuso Green (20) – €3.00 

Nuso Ice Storm (20) – €3.00 

Nuso Purple (20) – €3.00 

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