Unsettled weather with rain, snow and frost predicted for the rest of the week

by Lorraine Williamson
unsettled weather with Atlantic storms

WEATHER – The Spanish weather service AEMET predicts unsettled weather for the coming days. The weather situation will remain unstable in large parts of Spain for the next few days. This is due to Atlantic storms that create a rainy atmosphere and cool spring temperatures. 

The storm will diminish from Thursday onwards. However, it will still lead to localised heavy rain and thunderstorms in the following areas;

  • Eastern Cantabria
  • Catalonia
  • Eastern Aragon
  • Northern Valencia
  • The Balearic Islands.  

Cold transitional day 

In the rest of the country, AEMET predicts a ‘transition day’. This will be cold, with possible frost in the mountain areas and parts of the northern plateau and in capitals such as León, Palencia, and Salamanca. On Thursday afternoon, the effects of the front advancing from the northwest and bringing precipitation over the weekend will start to be felt. Rain will fall in Galicia, Asturias, and western Castile and León, while maximum temperatures will rise sharply in the centre and east of the peninsula.  

Little change Friday and into the weekend 

Friday will be cloudy with showers from the west. This will affect most of the peninsula, with the exception of the Mediterranean coast and the Balearic Islands. Rainfall on Friday will be ‘plentiful’ in southern Galicia, southern Castilla y León, Madrid region, Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura, and much of Andalucia. Thunderstorms may also occur locally. Saturday the situation is much the same, although the precipitation will gradually decrease during the day in most areas. This is with the exception of the northern part, where it will probably continue to rain all day. On Sunday, the Atlantic front moves on again, although some rain will continue to fall in the Pyrenees. Later, a new shower is expected in Galicia and the surrounding areas. In the rest of the country, a transition is expected on Sunday, with occasional clouds.  

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What will the temperature do? 

Temperatures will fluctuate from Friday to Sunday, depending on the area. Over the weekend, it could snow at 1,000 to 1,200 metres in the Cantabrian Mountains and Central System. Whereas, snow depths in the Pyrenees could be even higher. Temperatures will rise on Saturday, falling slightly again on Sunday in most of the peninsula, with light frost expected in the mountain areas. Temperatures will rise in the western half of Spain on Saturday and Sunday. On the Balearic Islands it will cool down first on Saturday, but temperatures will rise again on Sunday. In any case, the AEMET expects for Friday and the weekend in most of the country a cold atmosphere for the time of year.  

Gusty winds next week  

Next week the gusts look set to continue, with rainfall first in the northwest and on Wednesday and Thursday across much of the peninsula and Balearic Islands. Temperatures will be milder especially on Monday and Tuesday before dropping again.  

Strong trade winds are expected for the Canary Islands on Wednesday, with gusts that can exceed 80 kilometres per hour on both Wednesday and Thursday. In the north of the more mountainous islands, it will be cloudy and rain lightly, while in the rest of the archipelago it will be slightly brighter. From Friday, the wind will shift to the north and north-west and will be less strong on Friday as well as over the weekend. Occasional clouds and showers will occur, which can be a little heavier in the east of Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Temperatures in the Canary Islands will drop on Thursday and will not change much for the rest of the days.

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