Ukrainian sailor arrested after partly sinking luxury yacht belonging to Russian oligarch in Mallorca

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MALLORCA – The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to a remarkable incident on the island of Mallorca. A Ukrainian sailor was arrested there on Saturday for partly sinking the luxury yacht of his Russian boss. The sailor worked for about ten years on the ship Lady Anastasia, which is worth €7 million.

The luxury yacht is moored in the marina of El Toro on Mallorca. The owner is Russian Alexander Mijeev. He was CEO of the Russian Helicopter Corporation, a company that primarily makes helicopters for the Russian military. In 2016, he became director of a firm that manufactures weapons for Vladimir Putin’s troops. Both companies are part of Rostec. This is a state-owned company consisting of more than fifteen holding companies active in the aviation, electronics, and armaments sector.


When the Ukrainian sailor saw on television how a Russian missile hit an apartment building in Ukraine, he went out of his mind. He understood that his boss’s company produced this rocket. Consequently, he decided to take revenge. He opened a large valve in the engine room and a second in another compartment.

After the Ukranian ordered three crew members to get off the ship, they started screaming that he was crazy. Then he said he would take full responsibility and reminded them that they too are Ukrainians. Together with some dock workers, these crew members then tried to stop the water leak.

When the police arrived, the sailor told officers: “The owner of this ship is a criminal who earns his living selling weapons that kill Ukrainians.” The ship sustained significant damage. The police arrested the sailor but released him afterward pending his trial. 

The yacht

The  Auckland Sensation Yacht Shipyards in New Zealand built the Lady Anastasia. It has 47 metres in length, has three decks finished in teak wood, and has the power to sail at 23 knots. Inside the yacht, everything is luxurious and designed to comfortably accommodate ten guests in five suites. Furthermore, it accommodates a crew of nine. It has an aluminum hull and GRP superstructure. The yacht has two 2,650-horsepower Caterpillar diesel engines, which allows it to sail comfortably at 21 knots and reach a maximum speed of 23 knots. 


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