UK family coming to visit? You may have to pay

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Brits may need to pay to visit family in Spain

Brexit repercussions continue to be felt by British citizens entering and living in Spain. The British Embassy in Madrid has confirmed the ‘carta de invitación’ could be requested by Spanish authorities for Brits staying with family.

British visitors not staying in official tourist accommodation could be required to produce the carta de invitación on arrival in Spain. The carta is a formal letter of invitation requested by the host from a Spanish police station. The host then sends the guest the original letter before they leave for Spain.

Proof required to enter Spain

The carta de invitación is not the only means by which a non-EU resident can enter Spain. However, nothing has been stated as the definitive requirement.

Alongside the carta de invitación, approved documents are:

  • Proof of a return or onward journey (return flights, ferry bookings etc)
  • Evidence of tourist accommodation booking
  • Proof of address if a second home
  • Evidence of sufficient income for the duration of the stay

The UK government updates all travel requirements for Spain on their website, here.

It is hoped clarification will be given in the coming days on the need for the carta.

What is the carta de invitación?

It is an official invitation to stay in a private house/with family or friends for non-EU or Schengen residents.

It must be requested from the National Police. The cost is €74.31 for the authorisation and a further €6.48 for the card. This is payable for each person coming to stay.

How to apply for the carta de invitación

The full process with links to the required forms can be found here (in Spanish).

In brief, the process is as follows:

  1. The host must make an appointment with the National Police at and complete this form They must complete one for each guest.
  2. They must also complete Modelo 790 to pay the administrative fee of €74.31 prior to the appointment date.
  3. For the appointment, the host needs to take the following documentation:
    1. Title deeds or rental contract for property they are staying in
    2. Padron certificate not older than 3 months
    3. TIE or green residencia card
    4. Copies of the guests’ passports
  4. Once the police are happy with the paperwork submitted, it’s a matter of time. There is no timeline for the application, so it is advisable to do this as soon as possible. However, 20 working days is considered the norm.
  5. Once notified the paperwork is ready, download and complete another Modelo 790. The amount payable is €6.48 per person. (Prices for paperwork are available here). Once paid you can collect the paperwork.
  6. Post the original cartas to the guests so they can show them on arrival.


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