Two women were arrested in Spain for robbing two Dutch tourists

by Lorraine Williamson
Dutch tourists drugged and robbed

MARBELLA – Two Dutch tourists were drugged and robbed by two women during their vacation in Marbella in April. After a long search, the Spanish police arrested the women yesterday in the towns of Chiva (Valencia) and Benidorm (Alicante). 

The women, aged 24 and 27, poured drugs into the glasses of the two Dutchmen they had met at a party in Marbella on the Costa del Sol. Promising to prepare tasty cocktails for them, the women accompanied the two tourists to their holiday apartment in the same place after the party. When the Dutch woke up the next day, they were dazed, dizzy and missing items such as clothes, money and their mobile phones worth a total of €9,000. 

The women have now, months later, been located by the National Police in the Valencian municipality of Chiva and the city of Benidorm in Alicante. They are now in jail awaiting trial. The investigation began last April after the two young tourists reported the robbery. 

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According to police sources quoted in several Spanish media outlets, the victims, along with the reported facts, provided the results of clinical tests issued by a hospital that confirmed benzodiazepine poisoning. This is a group of medicines with a calming and relaxing effect. These include agents such as diazepam (Valium) and oxazepam (Seresta). 

The agents of the UDEV unit then launched an investigation to fully clarify the facts and were eventually able to identify the alleged perpetrators. After the robbery of the Dutch, they left the coast of Málaga. The women are now in jail awaiting trial. 

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