Twelve of the best Spanish autumn beaches

by Lorraine Williamson
autumn beaches

Autumn is a great time to take a relaxing walk along the Spanish beaches. The wind is not strong yet and the temperature is still pleasant. These twelve are some of the best Spanish autumn beaches.

El Charcón (Fuerteventura) 

This beach, more than 300 metres long, located in El Cotillo, is surrounded by an almost untouched landscape. It is an example of the beautiful beaches of Fuerteventura, the Canary Island with the most coastline. Perfect for a long walk on a sunny day in autumn.

Cuevas de Mar beach (Asturias) 

This unique 300-metre beach is located at the mouth of the River Nueva in the Asturian town of Llanes. The beach is sandwiched between cliffs, which protects you from the wind and allows you to enjoy mild temperatures and, of course, peace and quiet. 

Punto Boquerón (Cadiz) 

In this area, the river Guadalete, the sea and the land merge together nicely. The dunes that emerge from the Atlantic Ocean in front of the marshes of Sancti Petri are unspoilt and impressive. The reeds, islets and sea of the mouth of the Guadalete form a wonderful backdrop for a walk, and from the area around the castle of Sancti Petri you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets. 


Playa Portlligat (Girona) 

Girona beaches

Portlligat autumn sunrise

One of the most popular coves in Cadaqués is undoubtedly Portlligat, a beautiful natural enclave made famous when the artist Dalí settled there. Portlligat was traditionally the base for many fishermen from the area, and some of the few remaining boats still moor on the shore. 

Playa Laga (Vizcaya) 

This beach is located in Ibarrangelu, between the mouth of the Gernika and Cabo Ogoño. It is half a kilometre long and one of the wonders of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve. Clear water and an extraordinary environment complete the picture. Finish your walk at Cabo Ogoño, where you will have the best view of the beach.  

Playa Es Codolar (Ibiza) 

Located next to the Cap d’es Falcó salt flats, this is one of the least visited beaches in Ibiza, especially in autumn. It is a little less comfortable for many swimmers. But that does not make it any less beautiful. It is a pleasant place to enjoy the calm autumn sea and one of the best places on the island to enjoy the sunsets. 

Playa Rodas (Cíes Islands) 

The British newspaper The Guardian has chosen Rodas beach as the best beach in the world. It is the biggest and most famous beach in the Cíes Islands – off the coast of Galicia. Furthermore, the islands were chosen by New York Times as one of the two Spanish destinations to visit in 2022. Behind the beach is a beautiful saltwater lake that forms an impressive landscape and in front of it is the mouth of the river Vigo. It has fine white sand, crystal clear emerald waters and is surrounded by natural dune fields. On this beach, where the boats arriving from Vigo land, there are also restaurants and a campsite.  

Cogesa Expats

Barraca Cove (Alicante) 

Alicante beaches

Barraca Cove (Alicante)

The small Barraca cove, better known as El Portitxol, is one of the most beautiful and unique beaches on the Javea coast. Its unique landscape, with a combination of cultivated trees that almost reach the shore, small fishermen’s houses and white rocks, makes this small beach one of the most appreciated places for lovers of nature and tranquillity. 

Playa de Los Muertos (Almeria) 

This beach in Carboneras is not very popular with tourists because it is difficult to reach from the car park. Nevertheless, it is worth the trip; the beach is one of the few unspoilt coastal paradises in Spain. 

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El Charco Azul (El Hierro) 

The coast of the smallest Canary Island, El Hierro, is called El Golfo. It faces the open Atlantic Ocean. El Charco Azul is a unique beach because it is a fantastic natural pool, formed by waves from the sea.  

Playa de Algorri (Gipuzkoa) 

Playa de Algorri sunset (Gipuzkoa) 

Playa de Algorri

This beach is located in Zumaia. From the chapel of San Telmo, walk along a cliff to this cove. A real lesson in geology! The five-minute walk is the equivalent of 50 million years. Those who want to know more about history can visit the Algorri Information Centre. 

Playa de Isla Canela (Huelva) 

This beautiful beach, with golden sand, calm water and beautiful dunes, invites long walks. It is 6 kilometres long and 30 metres wide, stretching from the mouth of the Carreras to the mouth of the Guadiana. It is also next to the Marismas de Isla Cristina nature reserve 

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