Turning point for LGBT+ violence in Spain after the death of Samuel Luiz

by Lorraine Williamson
Spain speaks out after death of Samuel Luiz

The murder of Samuel Luiz, who was most likely abused due to his sexuality, causes Spain to speak out against LGBT+ violence. Two refugees, who tried to save Samuel, receive regularisation of their refugee status. 

Samuel Luiz, 24, was killed on July 3 after being assaulted outside a club in A Coruña. Samuel was so badly beaten by several young people that he later died in hospital from his injuries. 

Spain massively disapproves of LGBT+ violence 

Since then, Spaniards have taken to the streets in many cities to protest against homophobia and violence against the LGBT+ community. The incident with Samuel caused something in the Spanish people to speak out. Various LGBT+ platforms, such as AVANTE LGBTI+, report since Samuel was murdered, more and more people are admitting that they have been victims of violence simply because of their different orientation or sexual preference. 

Police have arrested four people for murdering Samuel 

The police investigation following Samuel’s death is still ongoing. Furthermore, according to bystanders, there were at least seven people who assaulted Samuel that night. Spanish newspaper El País, reported Samuel was video calling but one of the perpetrators thought he was filming him. 

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This person, together with a group of his friends all punched Samuel and verbally abused because of his sexuality. To date, the Spanish police report they have arrested three men and a woman. And at least one person is currently suspected of (complicity in) murder. 

Heroic deed of two illegal refugees is rewarded 

During this brawl, at risk to their own lives, two young men jumped between the group and tried to protect Samuel. These two young men are both from Senegal but reside in Spain without papers. Throughout the police investigation, both men provided full assistance and provided information crucial to the investigation. 

Sadly their intervention did not prevent Samuel’s survival. But their selfless actions ensured their refugee status will soon be regularised. The Secretary of State for Immigration in Galicia believes he is obliged to morally recognise them after performing such exploits. 

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