Three more fugitives off the streets

by Lorraine Williamson

The Guardia Civil have arrested 3 fugitives in the last week or so, one of which is thought to be wanted by both the Spanish and UK police as part of the Crimestoppers Campaign.

The Guardia Civil in Alicante arrested 2 fugitives. The first is accused of drug trafficking, and the second of attempted murder. The two men are not thought to be linked.

The first man arrested allegedly led a criminal gang dedicated to the distribution and sale of cocaine throughout the south of England.

The second man is thought to be the shooter of a group of people during a settling of scores in the Netherlands. Two of the group were seriously injured.

UK´s most wanted

In addition to these arrests, another investigation led to the arrest in Vilnigrad, Bulgaria of a UK citizen thought to be included in the UK´s most wanted list. The names of those arrested have not yet been released.


The first two arrested were part of two separate operations carried out in the last couple of weeks. These men are wanted by the UK and the Netherlands respectively. Both were arrested in the province of Alicante, but in different municipalities.


The 43-year-old Brit, known only by the initials LJE was arrested in Benidorm on June 21. The police investigation into this person was because of coverage by the Crimestoppers campaign and subsequent request for citizen collaboration. Initial investigations into the whereabouts of this person were originally carried out in the Malaga province. However, the trail brought the police to the Alicante area, and specifically Benidorm. This was backed up by the knowledge that relatives of the fugitive were due to visit the area. Following close surveillance of the family, the police focused their search on a hotel in Benidorm. This is where LJE was found and subsequently arrested.

Alfaz del Pi

In the second operation, the same team of investigators managed to arrest a 35-year-old Dutch citizen going by the initials CK. However, seemingly he had up to 4 different identities.

Cogesa Expats

According to information provided by the Dutch police, CK opened fire on a group of people from a rival gang. Two of them were seriously injured. Consequently, this man is wanted by the Dutch authorities for attempted murder.


The rapid collaboration between the Dutch police and the Spanish Guardia Civil made it possible to locate CK in the province of Alicante. There, however, it was confirmed that this same man had already been arrested on three occasions with different identities. All these identities were fake. The first two arrests were also in the Alicante province, but the third was in Barcelona.

The fourth identity was also fake. However, it did not stop his arrest in Alfaz del Pi on June 22 after his return from Barcelona.

BM arrested in Bulgaria

In addition to the above 2 arrests, the Guardia Civil also began an investigation into one of the most wanted by Spain AND the UK. This man (known as BM) was linked to drug trafficking. Again, the investigation began in the Malaga province, where 2 of his known addresses were confirmed. Seemingly he moved from one to another and then he moved again after the launch of the Crimestoppers Campaign.

The police were able to follow the trail and determined he had fled Spain using false documentation. Several European countries were alerted of his possible presence. This finally was confirmed by the Bulgarian authorities on June 13.

The identities of these three men have not yet been revealed. However InSpain.News will keep you updated as and when they are known.

Confidential call

If you believe you know the whereabouts of any of the men detailed in the previous articles, or have information, call

  • from a UK number 0800 555 111
  • from a Spanish number 900 926 111

The call is confidential!

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