Three firefighters injured as the #IFPujerra fire continues

by Lorraine Williamson
#IFPujerra fire

ANDALUCIA – The fire in the Pujerra municipality was announced at level 1 yesterday afternoon at 5.05 pm. As the wind continued, the fire increased and was moved to level 2 at around 8.05 pm. Overnight firefighters and drones kept up their hard work. However, despite brave efforts, the situation is still not under control and the #IFPujerra fire continues.

According to official Tweets from Emergencias 112, residents from 6 dwellings have had to leave from a nucleus of scattered properties in Velerín alto, #Estepona. In total there are now around 2,000 people evacuated from five points in the nearby area.


During the night, 80 military personnel @UMEgob have also been incorporated into the efforts for #IFPujerra. More will join throughout the day.



Helicopters and drones

Fifteen helicopters continued to fly as late as was possible last night. And they were flying again this morning as soon as the sun was up. Together with the ground crew, technicians from the Emergency Systems Unit ( #USISEM ), they are also flying drones over the perimeter, to support the monitoring work.

Cogesa Expats

Currently, there are zones of #IFPujerra where a thermal inversion is registered. Therefore, that makes it impossible for aerial work in those areas. However, the ACO-8 coordination plane is in the area, to carry out a reconnaissance flight to assess its situation.

Juanma Moreno

In a press conference last night, Juanma Moreno stated, “I am sorry that three firefighters from INFOCA have been injured. We convey all our love to them and wish that they recover soon”.

Earlier in the evening, he paid a visit to the area. He Tweeted. “It is heartbreaking to see the effects of #IFPujerra . I have just visited the area and I have given all my support to the INFOCA troops who have been working for hours to try to stop the advance.

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