This is what Spain’s first fully electric ferry looks like

by Lorraine Williamson
electric ferry

The Baleària shipping company has presented Spain’s first electric ferry. The boat produces no emissions at all and sails completely without noise. The chairman of the shipping company proudly talks about this ultra-modern, luxurious and sustainable means of transport. 

Since mid-May, this brand new electric ferry, called Cap de Barbaria, has been operating between Ibiza and Formentera, one of the first routes the company has operated since 1998. As mentioned, the boat is completely silent both in the harbour and while sailing and has a zero carbon footprint. The boat is designed to continue sailing between the islands in all weather conditions. 

Shipping company proud of sustainable vision with new boat 

Not only the fact that the boat produces no emissions was an important condition for the construction. Being able to sail and maneuver in the harbour completely silently also improves the experience for passengers and at the same time it is better for the marine environment and the animals in the sea so that they are disturbed as little as possible. 

Chairman Adolfo Utor of the shipping company tells the more than three hundred attendees that he is very proud of the Cap de Barbaria. “With the presentation of this boat, we as a shipping company continue our vision by continuing to offer the best service to our customers in the most sustainable way.” 

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This is what the electric boat between Ibiza and Formentera looks like 

Spain’s first electric ferry is 82 metres long and 15.5 metres wide and reaches a speed of up to 14 knots (about 25 km per hour). The boat has its own energy storage system that allows it to sail for up to 12 hours without recharging in between. Furthermore, it can accommodate a maximum of 390 passengers during a crossing. There is also room on the boat for vehicles such as cars, bicycles and other means of transport. 

A so-called ‘chill zone’, with benches, hammocks and shade cloths, has been set up on the upper deck so that passengers can enjoy the view during their crossing. Also, on certain days, a DJ provides musical accompaniment and there is even a cocktail bar on board. Inside, passengers can enjoy the same view from luxurious seats. 

A hydrogen system was also installed during the construction of the boat, allowing Baleària to use it as a test laboratory for the use of green hydrogen on a small scale. Watch an impression video of Spain’s first fully electric boat here. 

Practical information about the crossing between Ibiza and Formentera 

It is advisable to book a ticket in advance, especially since offers are regularly presented. The crossing from one island to the other takes around half an hour and costs an average of €23 per person for a return ticket if you want to cross without a vehicle. 

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