The Inland province of Cáceres welcomes the first blue flag

by Lorraine Williamson
Cáceres blue flag award

PROVINCIA DE CÁCERES – The fact that Spain has been at the top of the countries with the most blue flags for years is not surprising when you consider that the country has a coastline of almost 8,000 kilometres. Most blue flags fly along that coast. However, some can also be found in the interior.

This year’s blue flag award is special for the province of Cáceres. The tenth blue flag for the Extremadura region is the very first for Cáceres. This flag will be raised on the beach of Cancho del Fresno, in Cañamero. 

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The fact that blue flags can be seen in Extremadura is because the region has the most kilometres of fresh water in all of Spain. This recognition rewards the excellent quality of the water, the safety of bathers and the beach services. Something this town in Cáceres can also be proud of. 

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Unesco Geopark 

Cancho del Fresno is a reservoir surrounded by the Unesco Global Geopark Villuercas-Ibores-Jara. The Interpretation Centre ZEPA Sierra de Villuercas is nearby. Other nearby attractions include the Cave of la Chiquita or the Ruecas Gorge. 

Crystal clear water 

The water of the reservoir is crystal clear and surrounded by mountains and a forest, ideal for walking, cycling, horse riding… Or simply enjoying the tranquillity of this natural environment. A special mention deserves the gastronomy of Cañamero and other nearby villages and the historical places that can be found in the area. 

Water sports 

Of course, the water of this reservoir offers the opportunity to practice various water sports or to fish. On the hot summer days, Cancho del Fresno is a recommended option to take a dip. Now with a blue flag. 

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