The Canary Islands want to declare an energy emergency

by Lorraine Williamson
energy emergency in Canary islands

LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA – The regional government of the Canary Islands wants to declare an energy emergency. This was announced by the Canary Islands Minister of Ecological Transition and Energy Hernández Zapata. This will be “a key point” in future energy plans.  

Zapata is concerned that the electricity tender took longer than desired. The island’s current infrastructure has been described as “isolated, weak and unsafe” in old reports. “We have wasted ten years and €2.5 billion on investment and innovation,” the minister said. 

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An unsafe system 

Zapata advocates strengthening connections between the islands and promoting renewable energy sources. Currently, the Canary archipelago contributes only 1.1% of national green energy. 

100% green energy 

Zapata stressed the need for “a broad strategic commitment” to achieve the goal of 100% green energy consumption by 2040. “That is why it is essential to declare an energy emergency,” he said. 

Criticism and warnings 

Casimiro Curbelo of the Agrupación Socialista Gomera has also called for special measures because he fears that if nothing is done for longer, there is a high chance of a new energy blackout. This could have catastrophic consequences for islands such as Gran Canaria and Tenerife. 

Cogesa Expats

A matter of time 

Other MPs also stressed the importance of acting quickly. Manuel Plasencia of the Socialist Party stated that difficult times are ahead if a solution is not found. Raúl Acosta of the mixed group warned: “What we don’t solve today will be worse in the future.” 

Image and reputation 

Socorro Beato, a nationalist parliamentarian, pointed out the urgent problem that these electricity problems pose to the image and reputation of the islands, and therefore to the lives of tourists visiting the islands. 

No trust 

Carlos Ester, a member of the PP, attacked the Spanish government harshly. “We expect nothing from them,” he said, slamming the previous Canary Islands administration for a lack of action on ecological transition. 

By announcing the energy emergency, the Canary Islands government hopes to reverse the energy crisis that has gripped the islands for years. + 

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