The best motorhome and camper routes in Northern Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
motorhome holiday in the Pyrenees in Spain

OVIEDO – One of the best ways to travel around Spain is by motorhome. The combination of adventure, freedom and comfort appeals to more and more people. The varied Spanish landscape offers these tourists endless possibilities. 

More and more people are deciding to rent or buy a motorhome and go on an adventure through Spain. This way of travelling is especially popular in the spring and autumn. In the summer, it allows you to move to the cooler areas that can also be found in the country. 

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Choosing one or the other depends on what the traveller is looking for: something more adventurous, a tour of rural and quiet areas or something more urban. When temperatures are still high, it is best to avoid routes where it can be very hot, such as inland areas, flat areas and regions such as Andalucia and Extremadura. 

Then it is better to choose routes that lead through the green north of Spain through Asturias, Cantabria, Galicia and the Pyrenees. The advantage of the first three is that you can also stop along the coast to visit a beautiful beach. 

Route along the Cantabrian coast 

The journey can start in the beautiful old Cantabrian town of Castro Urdiales. From there you can explore the region further via Comillas and San Vicente de la Barquera and the somewhat rugged beaches such as that of Oyambre. 

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You then cross the adjacent area and make a stop in the beautiful Asturian coastal town of Llanes. Take a walk along Paseo de San Pedro or enjoy Sablón Beach. 

Continue your journey to beautiful Ribadesella and the nature characterized by the River Sella. Before you leave Asturias, you can visit the idyllic city of Lastres. And while you’re here, visit the impressive Cabo Vidio. 

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After this, you will drive into Galicia and arrive first in the town of Ribadeo where you can treat yourself to delicious seafood dishes. If you want to visit the famous beach of Las Catedrales, make a reservation in time and check what time the low tide is, so that you can enjoy the special rocks. Then your route ends in Foz and the natural paradise formed by the Golfo de Masma. 

Route through Asturias 

If you want to get to know the natural beauty of Asturias better, make sure to visit both the coast and inland. Asturias has it all: beach and Rue mountains. The region is the perfect getaway in summer and early autumn when the sun can make temperatures unbearable in other parts of Spain. This route starts in eastern Asturias, where some of the best beaches, such as Gulpiyuri, are located. 

The journey continues to beautiful towns such as Ribadesella or Arriondas, known for the famous descent by canoe of the Sella. We continue into the interior of Asturias to Cangas de Onís. The starting point is to explore the Picos de Europa and to visit the beautiful glacial lakes and the imposing Basilica of Covadonga. 

The next destinations are the cities of Gijón, Oviedo and Avilés. There are many good motorhome pitches here, and you can also visit interesting museums where you can learn more about the mining history in the region. 

We end this wonderful journey in the west of Asturias, the most authentic and wild area. If you dare to drive on small mountain roads with your motorhome, pay a visit to Pola de Somiedo in the remote mountain area of ​​Somiedo where you can go hiking and spot bears. One of the prettiest towns here on the coast is Cudillero. Park your camper on the edge of the village to avoid navigation problems. 

Route through the Aragonese Pyrenees 

More and more people are discovering that the Aragonese Pyrenees are ideal for exploring by motorhome. A good option is to start at the town of Benasque in Huesca, nestled in the heart of the mountain range. From here you can visit the Posets-Maladet Natural Park and discover the incredible nature formed by lakes and no fewer than thirteen glaciers. 

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The next stop is the medieval town of Aínsa. Then you will continue to the Añisclo Gorge in the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park. Continue your journey to Panticosa, where you can walk on the famous walkways that run along the Caldarés River at an altitude of 80 metres. Finally, your route ends in Ansó, which is home to one of the best-preserved urban centres in the Aragonese Pyrenees. 

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