The appeal of modern golf villas in southern Spain

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MIJAS – If you are a golf enthusiast and at the same time dream of a luxurious lifestyle under the Spanish sun, then get to know the modern golf villas that are currently being built in southern Spain, or more specifically on the Costa del Sol.

Imagine: You are having an extensive breakfast. You sip your coffee on your spacious balcony. In the meantime, you can enjoy the view of the Mediterranean Sea. The light is so bright even in winter that you need sunglasses. You look forward to the day ahead. All you have to do is grab your golf equipment and walk a few dozen metres to your favourite golf course. Does that sound like a dream? We can well imagine that. However, that dream can become reality.

Modern golf villas 

soleia golf villas

Propelled by the great interest, especially from Northern European countries, new developments with modern homes on golf courses are springing up here. It is also not surprising to think that southern Spain, with its breathtaking landscapes, Mediterranean climate, and first-class golf courses, has a lot to offer for those seeking a comfortable lifestyle with plenty of space for golf.

One of those beautiful projects could well be your future Spanish holiday home. If the idea of a stylish villa next to the rolling green of a perfectly maintained golf course appeals to you, then it is high time to seriously consider what the modern golf properties in this part of Europe can offer.

What makes these properties so special?

The concept of a golf villa has evolved in recent years. These are not just any houses or apartments on a golf course, but often innovatively designed, very luxurious accommodations. These state-of-the-art villas are often equipped with the latest technologies and offer breathtaking views of the green landscape of the golf courses and often also of the sea. In addition, residents have numerous first-class communal areas such as swimming pools, wellness centres, co-working spaces, and so on.

golf villas spain

Why southern Spain?

The region offers an ideal combination of sun, sea, culture, and of course, excellent golfing opportunities. It is not without reason that the Costa del Sol was nicknamed ‘Costa del Golf’ and is an ideal destination for golf enthusiasts. Not only because of the mild climate all year round and the many golf courses but also because of the proximity to countless other luxurious facilities and attractions. If you dream of owning a contemporary golf home in a vibrant area, then southern Spain is the place for you.

Who are the buyers?

The golf villa market attracts a wide range of buyers. From young professionals to retirees of all nationalities, the appeal of these modern, stylish properties is universal. For English speakers looking for a second home or even a permanent residence, owning a luxurious villa on a golf course in southern Spain offers the perfect lifestyle. A major advantage of this location is that you can possibly rent out your house to other golf enthusiasts if you cannot be there yourself.

Soleia Living in El Chaparral Golf

Did your heart beat faster while reading this article? Then take a look at the Soleia Living project in El Chaparral Golf. These beautiful, modern villas are the epitome of luxury and comfort. Situated on one of the region’s finest golf courses, these villas offer not only access to top-class golf but also unparalleled views and modern amenities. Soleia Living’s villas are perfect for those who do not settle for less and strive for a life with all amenities and comfort. For more information about these beautiful golf homes, please feel free to contact us. Take the step towards the lifestyle you have always dreamed of!

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