Storm Filomena fatalities in Málaga

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storm filomena

MIJAS – Storm Filomena, claimed its first fatalities in the province of Málaga. A couple from Mijas! It has also caused considerable damage and record snowfall throughout the whole of Spain. 

According to the newspaper SUR, a couple died during the night between Friday and Saturday.  They had parked in their car along the river bed between Mijas and Fuengirola. They were with another, younger couple, to watch the rushing water.  However, the level of the river rose so quickly and unexpectedly, that there was no time to escape. The car was dragged into the water and got stuck further downstream.

Guardia Civil

According to sources from the Guardia Civil, the wife of the elderly couple drowned in the car. The younger couple in the front were rescued by divers from the Guardia Civil’s GEAS rescue service. And the older man’s body was found and recovered a few hours later further down the river.

The emergency service 112 received notification of the car with its four occupants in the water near the Esparragal recreation at around 2:00 am. According to sources consulted by the newspaper, all four were of South American origin, and were returning home from a religious meeting.

Cogesa Expats

Images have appeared on various social media platforms capturing the horrific Storm Filomena incident.

More incidents due to severe weather

According to sources at the municipality of Mijas, there were more than 30 incidents on Friday evening where people had to be rescued from their cars due to the severe weather. This, despite the fact that the municipality prohibits crossings through rivers during such severe weather and also cordons them off with fences and warnings.

In Málaga, more than 200 litres of rain per square metre had already fallen at certain points in the province where more than 120 incidents were registered in total.

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