Spectacular Las Fallas 2022 ravaged by rain and wind in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
Las Fallas 2022

VALENCIA – Where Valencia wanted to completely unpack during Las Fallas 2022, it now seems that part of it has fallen into the water. The Spanish city proves that no one can escape the satire customary for this street festival. Still, the rain and wind on March 17 managed to throw a spanner in the works. 

Valencia is going big during Las Fallas 2022. This is the first fairly normal celebration of the Valencian street festival since the pandemic. The best-known faces, mainly from politics, cannot escape a touch of dark humour. Puppets by Sánchez, Joe Biden, and Minister Ayuso take centre stage during the festival. And although the war in Ukraine only started two weeks ago, Putin cannot escape a role in all this. 

Even if you don’t follow the news, Las Fallas is always a good reflection of what has been in the newspapers for weeks. The festival’s life-size dolls in particular refer to everyday events. Furthermore, no one escapes the cynical humour of Las Fallas. 

Award ceremony and other events March 17 cancelled due to rainfall 

The second part of the award ceremony of the best Fallas was supposed to take place on March 17. However, according to the latest news has been cancelled due to the weather in Valencia. The fireworks show that would be held tonight is also cancelled. You will be kept informed of the most recent planning on the Twitter account of the Fallas Valencia. 

Best Las Fallas 2022 contender 

Despite the postponement of the award ceremonies, the Fallas de la Plaza del Pilar is one of the contenders for the first prize. This artwork was created by Paco Torres. The work expresses his critique of current international politics and shows a scene between Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin, and Xi Jinping playing a disturbing game of bowling with their own countries in their hands. Another part of the artwork shows King Emeritus Juan Carlos and King Felipe VI showing the (controversial) relationship of the monarchy with the Arab countries. 

Leaders in Spanish and international politics have also suffered, such as Abascal (Vox), Junqueras (ERC), and Boris Johnson. There are also nods to the pandemic, climate change, the volcanic eruption on La Palma, and Brexit. 

Still, not everything is about politics and cynical humor. There are also Fallas made of memorable and emotional moments. For example, a work of art has been made by Red Cross volunteer Luna who gives a hug to migrant Abdou who arrived on the beach of Ceuta, in the middle of the migration crisis. 

More images of this year’s fallas can be seen in RTVE’s Spanish article

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