Spanish ski resort may again use water from river to make snow

by Lorraine Williamson
ski resort

SAN ILDEFONSO – The ski resort of Navacerrada in the Spanish province of Segovia may continue to use the water of the stream ‘El Telégrafo‘ to make artificial snow. This has been determined by the Supreme Court of Castilla y León (TSJCyL) in Valladolid. 

This suspends the July 6, 2022 resolution of the Duero Hydrographic Confederation. It declared the end of the right to private use of this resource. A further resolution on August 31 forced the dismantling of facilities affecting the ski resort. 

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The commercial entity of the Puerto de Navacerrada ski station, located in the municipality of San Ildefonso, has asked the Supreme Court for these precautions. The TSJCyL understands that with these resolutions a “damage very difficult to repair” would occur due to the “impossibility of continuing” the operation of the ski area without being able to use snow cannons in a very dry season. 

In addition, the Chamber has also emphasised the company’s appearance of “good right”. Therefore it pointed out that the contested resolution of July 6 this year ends with the concession of the private use of the waters. That would be because of the “end of the term in which the right was granted”. However, the truth is that that term “has not expired, as it was granted on April 6, 1994, for a maximum term of “75 years”. 

In addition, the Hydrographic Confederation of the Deuro must repair the diversion dam for the waters from ‘El Telégrafo’. This will feed the artificial snow cannons that would have been compromised as a result of the facilities being dismantled. Likewise, the claimant has been authorised to carry out said repair for the safety and maintenance of Navacerrada ski resort. 

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