Spanish officials abuse vaccine protocols

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spanish officials jump queue

One scandal after another within the vaccination campaign in Spain. The Spanish news site provides the name and numbers of dozens of Spanish officials who have advanced in the order of their vaccination against Covid-19.

In the initial phase of the vaccination campaign in Spain, two groups were to be given priority.  Firstly, the elderly in care homes. And secondly, front line care and social sector personnel who are in contact with elderly and vulnerable people. 

Names and numbers of dozens of Spanish officials are known 

Despite the fact these target groups had been known for monthsdozens of officials were vaccinated. But clearly, they did not belong to these groups. published the data that was known up to and including Tuesday on an interactive map LINK. It published that 27 members of the PSOE, 14 members of the Partido Popular, 3 from Junts per Catalunya, 2 from Coalición Canaria, and 2 former members of the PNV were improperly vaccinated. It also mentions civil servants in different positions. These range from councilors of Health in Murcia to mayors and councillors in other Spanish municipalities. 

The map shows that the abuses take place all over Spain. In the articlethe website even released namesphotos, and details of several officials who advanced in the vaccination campaign.  The names of more than fifty civil servants and politicians are currently known.  But it is likely that many more civil servants have also abused the system. 

Spanish army chief fired after wrongful vaccination 

In addition to politiciansother people with high functions have also been forced to vaccinate. At the end of January, it was announced that at least three members of the general staff of Defense had appropriated an initial dose. After the statement, Minister Grande-Marlaska announced the resignation of, among others, the head of Defense

Abuses within hospitals and care centers Spain 

Unfortunatelyit does not stop with politicians and board members of Defense. In hospitals and nursing homes in Madrid, Terrassa, and Galicia it has also been happening.  Furthermore, among others, (former) employees, and sometimes even relatives of theirs, have been vaccinated well in advance of their turn. 

Political party leaders in Spain are very clear about the pushers. The PSOE and the PP want an investigation into the names and numbers of all the politicians who have been unjustly vaccinated, followed by immediate dismissal.  Since this clear message, around 20 percent of these politicians have resigned. 

Discussion about administering a second vaccine to malicious offenders 

Former Health Minister Illa insists that the offenders should receive a second dose.  Otherwise they “waste not only their dignity but also the previously administered vaccine.”  However, the Valencian regional president and mayors of some other municipalities have already indicated they will not do this. 

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