Spanish NGO shows shocking images of poultry farm in Guadalajara

by Lorraine Williamson
rats at poultry farm

CASTILE-LA MANCHA – The Spanish NGO EQUALIA is suing a poultry farm in Yedra, Guadalajara, for animal cruelty. The NGO did this after receiving images of laying hens in small cages, chickens eating each other, and images of rats and mice walking on the eggs. 

The images of the poultry farm in the Spanish region of Castile-La Mancha do not lie. Around a month ago, the NGO and environmental organisation EQUALIA received shocking videos from an anonymous sender. 

Shocking images Spanish poultry farm 

After studying the images of the poultry farm in Yedra, the NGO filed a complaint against the owners. They are now being charged in a Spanish court with animal cruelty and public health crimes. InSpain.News has chosen not to post images, however, the news site shows in the Spanish-language article a video of almost 2 minutes of how things work in this company in Guadajalara. Please be aware; the images in this video as shocking. 

ASSSA - health insurance in Spain

Chickens eat each other left for dead by workers 

The images show rows of small cages in which chickens are crammed together and spend their day. Many of the chickens are bald because their feathers rub against the bars. Several chickens also have open wounds and in some cages, dead chickens can be seen that are not removed from the cages and are eaten by their congeners. Later in the video, horrific footage is shown of the chickens, which are likely to be under-produced, being handled and cleaned up by workers. 

Crime against public health 

This situation attracts vermin such as mice and rats that simply walk between the chickens and eggs. You can also see that mites and other small animals walk over the eggs. Not only does the legal department of EQUALIA sound the alarm because the chickens live in harsh conditions, but the eggs of the chickens are also sold. And in this situation, pose a threat to food safety – and therefore public health. 

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