Spanish media apologises to Princess Leonor

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princess leonor

The Spanish channel RTVE apologises unreservedly to Princess Leonor of Spain after a malicious comparison between her and her grandfather, King Emeritus Juan Carlos I. The Spanish princess will study in Wales.

“Leonor is leaving Spain, just like her grandfather.” This headline was on screen for more than a minute. Following, presenters discuss the topic in the program La hora de la 1. RTVE refers to Juan Carlos I who left Spain last year following accusations of money laundering and other fraudulent acts.

Spanish channel opens attack on royal house

The comparison did not go down well with many viewers and led to complaints on social media. Viewers believe RTVE opens an attack on the royal house and violates the rights of an underage girl. A spokesperson for RTVE announced on Thursday, he would apologise on behalf of the channel. The spokesperson also speaks of a “serious mistake that has been made and that has direct consequences for those responsible”.

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Princess Leonor is going to study in Wales for two years

It was announced on Tuesday that Princess Leonor (15), successor to the throne of Felipe VI, will complete her last two years of bachillerato at Atlantic College in Wales. King Willem-Alexander also studied at the boarding school for several years.  According to experts, the school has an open and critical mind; it is not religious, political or otherwise oriented.

What will the near future hold for the Princess of Asturias?

Until now, the Princess of Asturias studied at the private school Nuestra Señora de los Rosales. Leonor will start in Wales in September. According to Spanish newspaper El País, Leonor will receive military training when she turns 18. During this training, she, like her father, will further acquaint herself with the facets of the navy, army and air force.

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