Spanish king´s rebel nephew was at shooting in Marbella club

by Lorraine Williamson
Spanish king´s nephew - Felipe Juan Froilán

MARBELLA – Spanish media report that the Spanish king’s nephew was also at the club in Marbella at the time of the shooting. Felipe Juan Froilán and his group of friends were probably unharmed. Furthermore, from reports so far, it seems the shooter was Dutch. 

Froilán is the 24-year-old son of Spanish Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar y Borbón. After a short stay in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz), Froilán would have travelled to Marbella with some friends to celebrate his 24th birthday at a performance by the popular South African DJ Black Coffee at Club Opium in Marbella. 

Critical condition

Here a fight broke out between some of those present where one of them suddenly pulled out a gun and fired four shots. According to the latest reports, the gunman was seriously injured from stab wounds to his head and body. Moreover, four other attendees were injured by bullets. Two of them – Irish according to Telemadrid – are in critical condition in the Costa del Sol hospital ICU in Marbella.

Cogesa Expats

Various Spanish and international media report that the shooter is a Dutchman. However, that has not yet been confirmed by official sources. Telemadrid also speaks of a fight between groups of Dutch people. The police are still investigating the matter. It was also reported on social media Monday morning that at least one person had been killed. That too has not yet been confirmed. 

Rebel Spanish royal nephew 

Froilán thus managed to escape after the shooting caused widespread panic in the club. In 2014, he made headlines in Spain and abroad for wounding himself with a shotgun. The accident – he shot himself in the foot – happened when the then thirteen-year-old boy was “more or less hunting” in Soria with his father, his mother, Infanta Helena, told the press at the time. 

Froilán is fourth in line to the throne and is known in Spain as the ‘rebel’ of the royal family. He would always get bad grades, be sent to expensive international boarding schools, and be constantly involved in scandals and relationships with influencers. According to ABC, he is currently studying Business Administration at the IE Business School. 

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