Spanish hamlet uses party budget for residents’ electricity bills

by Lorraine Williamson
residents' electricity bills

PROVINCIA DE GUADALAJARA – The mayor of Zorita de los Canes, a hamlet of 67 inhabitants in Guadalajara, will spend the budget for the annual celebrations on the residents’ electricity bills. 

José Andrés Nadador confirms that the measure will help many retirees in his village. Especially since electricity bills are already up 44% from a year ago, following rampant increases in the wholesale market. 

Residents’ electricity bills

The 67 inhabitants of Zorita de los Canes together form 23 households. The festival, which is held annually on the second weekend in October, was cancelled by the city council. This was done “to spend that money on paying the bills of the inhabitants of the village,” Mayor Nadador confirmed in the 20Minutos newspaper. 

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How much will the municipality invest? 

José Andrés Nadador states that “€26,000 will be allocated to pay 90% of the bills of the registered residents”. Because Zorita de los Canes has a large number of retirees who are already struggling to pay their bills. However, Nadador also indicated that it is impossible to pay 100% of the electricity bill. 

Therefore, the aim is that the invoices for the months of June to October will be paid. Also with a possibility for the arrangement to be extended until the month of November. After all, then the costs are higher due to the lack of natural light and heat. However, the mayor believes “it is necessary to hold a city council meeting to discuss the matter. Although it would be great to be able to extend the scheme.” 

Furthermore, the aim of the measure is that registered voters can easily access the support. This is done by presenting the bills in their name to the town hall. 

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