Spanish government to make almost €400 million investment in Mar Menor

by Lorraine Williamson
investment in Mar Menor -

MURCIA – Teresa Ribera announces on Thursday, an investment in Mar Menor of €382 million for various environmental regeneration projects in the lagoon and surroundings.

The vice president and minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (Miteco) presented the Action Plans for the recovery of the Mar Menor to various associations and organisations in the areas of agricultural, fishing, environmental, research, and neighborhood associations. 

The plan confirms a list of actions to be undertaken in the short and medium term. Furthermore, these aim to reduce the pollution entering the lagoon, to stop irregular irrigation, and to re-introduce green solutions.

End illegal occupations

The plan also commits to end illegal occupations on the lagoon shore. And, therefore, includes measures for the conservation of terrestrial and marine biodiversity.

The money will be utilised from 2022 until 2026. Ribera quoted, “it is the largest scheme of actions and investments of this Ministry for the recovery of a specific natural enclave”. 

Respect for the law

She continued, “the environmental crisis of the Mar Menor is unsustainable. Therefore, we must stop the attacks immediately. Furthermore, it must be done with an integrated strategy based on respect for the law. We must listen to science, public participation, and inter-administrative cooperation.”

The Priority Action Framework also plans to include lines of action from other Ministries such as Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, and Industry, Commerce and Tourism. Their participation is necessary to guarantee support for the transition of productive sectors. Including agriculture, fishing, and tourism. And for the move towards models more compatible with the preservation of the natural environment of the Mar Menor and the environmental health of its ecosystems.

“We want the opinion of all interested parties throughout the development and execution process of this program,” added Ribera.

SOS Mar Menor

This is a massive boost for SOS Mar Menor who have campaigned tirelessly about the massive environmental problems and for funding to help the lagoon and surrounding area.

This video shows the beauty and the problems of Mar Menor. Although it is in Spanish, the images speak for themselves.

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