Spanish film nominated for Oscar as Best International Film

by Lorraine Williamson
Alcarràs - Spanish film
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MADRID – The choice was difficult, according to the jury. It was also difficult to choose just one film, given the quality of several Spanish films. In the end, Alcarràs was selected to represent Spain at the important film awards. 

Carla Simón’s second film fulfils many of the requirements to “compete” for the 95th Oscars. These will take place in March 2023. The film has won awards at festivals, is screened internationally, offers an intimate and universal story. It is about the family and debates current themes such as agriculture and our way of dealing with the land and a world that is disappearing. 

“We are going to put all our affection, love and time in the world into this match,” Simón explained enthusiastically after hearing about the nomination. 

A film with non-professional actors 

The Golden Bear was won in Berlin, and was a milestone for Spanish cinema. Furthermore Carla Simón’s work has a chance for a second life in the prize season. That comes after the film has already grossed two million euros and brought more than 350,000 spectators to the cinemas. A film with non-professional actors and a naturalistic and intimate look at the countryside and the country. The Catalan director thus places himself as one of the references of the film industry in Spain. 

Guaranteed distribution in the USA 

In addition, ‘Alcarràs’ is guaranteed to be distributed by Mubi in US theatres, something essential for an American career. The US premiere is planned for early 2023, according to the producers. And, consequently, the company already has a strategy for the campaign and promotion in the US territory. 

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Spanish film premieres at New York Festival 

In addition, there are two important moments for a breakthrough in the American and English markets: ‘Alcarràs’ will have its American premiere at the New York Festival in early October and will travel to London a few days later for its presentation at the British festival. Two events that could open doors for the film on this long journey to a possible nomination. 

“Universal enough” 

The director told Cadena SER that he is very curious about how the American public will react to this story, because of the differences between the American and Spanish agricultural models. She said she believes that the story of ‘Alcarràs’ is universal enough because of the portrait of the family that plays a leading role. 

The Hollywood Academy will announce the list of films on December 21, in a first screening for the final nominations scheduled for January 24. The Best International Film category is one of the most competitive. 

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