Spanish court issues arrest warrant for Tinder Swindler

by Lorraine Williamson
Tinder Swindler

ALGECIRAS – Spain issues an arrest warrant against the infamous Tinder Swindler thanks to the Netflix series of the same name. As Simon Leviev, Israeli Shimon Heyada Yahut defrauded many women he met through Tinder.

He did so by entering into a relationship with them, pampering them. He then told them, as a diamond trader, that his life was in danger and that he needed money quickly. His new name made it seem like he was the son of the well-known billionaire and diamond dealer Lev Leviev. He managed to extort a total of approximately 10 million dollars from his victims. 

He used the money from one victim to pamper new women and also to steal money. On Instagram, he posed fully with a luxurious life full of expensive cars, fashion, and private jets. 

An arrest warrant for an incident in Tarifa 

So now the Tinder Swindler may go to jail. However, this will not be for the alleged scam revealed in the Netflix documentary a few months ago. Instead, for a crime, he allegedly committed in Spain in 2019. 

A Spanish court has issued a warrant for the arrest of Shimon Heyada Yahut for using a false driver’s license in events that took place on January 30, 2019. According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, the Israeli’s Maserati was allegedly trapped on a Spanish beach in Tarifa while he was with one of his girlfriends. 

The police responded to a call about the stuck car on Los Lances Sur beach. Once on the scene, they found a Russian blonde with a Hermes bag and an Israeli man wearing a Gucci shirt. The tourist involved identified himself as Michael Bilton, as stated on his identification card. 

Fake driver’s license 

However, the police found that it was a fake document.  Just then, a tow truck arrived, took the car, and the two involved left the scene. “Even though the police suspected that the document had been forged, no arrests were made and the couple was allowed to return to Málaga. 

Tinder Swindler identified via Netflix documentary 

Now, three years later, authorities are said to have determined that the person involved in the Maserati incident was Leviev. This is all thanks to the documentary broadcast by Netflix. On the false driver’s license was one of the aliases Leviev used for his Tinder scam.   

According to the Daily Mail, the police then ordered a court in the city of Algeciras to reopen the investigation against this man for presenting a false document that day and for the offense on the beach. The trial was closed at the time after the person concerned had failed to respond to requests from the justice system. 

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